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Q: How much do your bindings weigh?

A: These weights are per binding including heel plates and climbing bails.

  • Large Outlaw X: 1.8 lbs /828g
  • Small Outlaw X: 1.75 lbs/796g
  • Large Lynx: 1.15 lbs, 522g
  • Small Lynx: 1.08 lbs, 492g
  • Large Axl: 2.05 lbs / 930g
  • Small Axl: 1.95 lbs / 882g
  • Large Vice: 1.6 lbs / 724g
  • Small/Kids Vice: 1.48 lbs / 673g
  • Q: Do your bindings have different hole patterns or pin lines?

    A: Our bindings ALL have the same 6-hole mounting pattern. The only difference is that Axls put your boot's pin line 5/16" (8mm) further back than the Outlaw X, Lynx, Vice, or HammerHead. If you're mounting Axls on existing Outlaw/Vice/HH holes, you will not be able to tell the difference 8mm makes.

    Q: What do you recommend for a backcountry repair kit?

    A: There are no parts that are likely to break and leave you stranded. A tail throw or heel tube are the two most popular items to carry for the 75mm bindings. And a Slic pin if you like to swap them in the field. Some Outlaw skiers like to carry a spare Claw. We also sell a universal backcountry repair kit that doesn't have binding parts, but can fix just about anything.

    Q: Do your bindings release?

    A: The Outlaw X and Lynx bindings are releasable, but not TUV (DIN) certified, and we make no guarantee of release in a fall. The Axl and Vice bindings are not releasable. However, they often release in a big fall. But we make no promise for our bindings to release under any circumstances, and it is possible to be injured in a fall when skiing our bindings. Ski at your own risk.

    Q: How high do your bindings put you off the ski? Are risers available?

    A: Outlaws have a rise of 1.125" or 29mm at the rear of the toepiece, with a 6 degree ramp angle. Lynx put the boot sole about .8" or 21mm above the ski. Axls have a rise of 1.1" or 28mm at rear, with a 2 degree ramp angle. Vices come in at 1 inch or 25mm, also with the 2 degree ramp. Risers are available here.

    Q: Where should I mount my bindings?

    A: We recommend mounting most skis at alpine boot center. For a dedicated powder setup, you may want to move the mount back a few cm. You should contact the ski manufacturer to see what they recommend for a mounting location if one is not provided. We also have some suggestions on the mounting instructions, but please don't call us to ask where you should mount specific skis; we don't know.

    Q: What range of boot sizes do your bindings fit? Can I swap parts out to change sizes?

    A: For Outlaws and Lynx, your binding Size MUST match your boot size. Scarpa and Crispi boots 26.0 and under fit the Small Bindings, 26.5 and up are Large. For Scott/Garmont boots, the break is between 25.5 and 26.0

    Large Axls and Vices are intended for boots 26 and and up, Smalls for 25.5 and less. Boots slightly smaller will fit in the Larges, and vice-versa. If you're on the line, the benefit to a Large is more spring travel, and the benefit to a small is a lighter binding with a tighter fitting heel tube. Changing bindings from one size to the other is not possible without completely rebuilding the binding; it is prohibitively expensive. Please contact us if you need to swap out new bindings for the other size.

    Q: Can you send me some stickers???

    A: Yes, please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll return it to you with a few stickers. Mail it to the address below, attn: Stickers Please. Or add some stickers to your cart when you're buying anything on our website.