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Lynx Telemark Binding
Lynx Telemark Binding

Lynx Telemark Binding

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The new standard in free-pivot telemark.

The Lynx is our NTN tech-toe light touring binding.   It features composite flex plates, adjustable preload and flex, and a lightweight yet durable design.  Built in the USA with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, it’s the new standard in light touring for telemark bindings.  Recommended for setups that will spend at least 80-90% of their time in the backcountry.

The tech-toe design allows touring without any lifted binding weight, so skiers can keep up with even their spandex-clad AT brethren.  But since it’s a 22 Designs binding, skiers get the durability they expect and the reward of smooth, powerful tele turns on the way down.

One touch puts the binding into free pivot mode.  Once at the top, ski mode is also easily pole activated, peel skins and drop in!

The 21-22 Lynx features improved claw action, with a lift lip making it easy to flip the claw up with your pole handle at the top of the skintrack.  Also double-chamfer low profile arms to shave some weight, and longer springs for durability.  The Small Lynx now have a softer flex due to softer main and flex plates.
5 Stars
Great bindings
Love these bindings so far after a half dozen touring days on various sizes skis. Light! Feel great Lots of power for 115m waist boards No icing Easy operation. Bomber construction. Looking forward to using the integrated ski crampon mount this season. Previously on HH, Axl, Outlaw and they feel similar to the cable bindings.
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Reviewed by:  from Sunmerland. on 9/17/2019
5 Stars
Stoked on Lynx!
Went straight from a SB X2/ T2 combo to a Lynx / TX pro combo. From the lighter 75 mm to the lighter NTN. Turns out this binding is the Sh$&. Tech toe edging is the amazing improvement that the 75 mm system needed IMO. Such a safer and more enjoyable tool in the backcountry with the precision this provides( aside from the higher safety potential from ejection) Such control means more fun in variable, hard, and especially breakable conditions.. I ride it in the middle pin position with just one spacer as was set up by Freeheel Life and the flex/ sensation (in powder) is so similar to the X2/ T2 combo I love. I prefer a mild-medium active binding like the x2 and this is right in there at this setting. Many have stated this and I agree that the flex travel is super smooth. Personally, I can only find improvements in relation to the 75 mm system I’m used to and don’t feel like I’ve lost anything except sloppier power transfer to my edges. I’ve never ridden an Outlaw or any other NTN binding but I can’t imagine better edging than this. The binding obviously tours great and the weight savings goes without saying. I will add that it transitions between modes efficiently. Super bomber and pretty simple design compared to the M. The only remotely negatives are the heel risers: if the head of your pole is rounded (bd poles with the strap safety release) you have to really search for the right angle to get the low riser up. If your pole handle is flatter: not an issue. Risers (both) could maybe be a bit higher for me but the current ones help tame my STFU skinning tendencies. If you love a 75 mm feel with plenty of adjustability, efficiency, durability, and some freaky edge control look no further...
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Reviewed by:  from MT. on 2/6/2020
5 Stars
Outstanding Edge Control
After two years on this binding (purchased v2 in Fall of '19) I continue to be blown away by how well it skis and how reliable it has been. This is impressive since with the pins for touring and low weight it is also a dream for touring. I use this binding primarily as a backcountry binding but have also skied a handful of resort days with it in Colorado, California and on a trip to Japan before 2020 became "2020". Before this binding I was on TTS, the 22 designs outlaw and before that the Axl and Hammerhead. I've also skied the Bishop BMF-R, Rottefella Freeride and lots of older 75mm bindings too. One thing I didn't expect to be so happy with was how the tech toe gives instant boot-to-ski power transfer for edge control. The boot doesn't slip around in any metal cage before engaging, you lean and the ski turns, this makes carving and quick turns a blast and it also fakes an alpine turn better than any non-tech binging I've tried. I also don't find it too harsh, even on lighter skis. The combination of long springs and the flex plate mean it doesn't bottom out and engages the flex right away. I don't use this binding as much in the resort since I prefer bindings designed for releasability and ski brakes but when I have skied this in the resort I have been extremely happy. The edge control, power, instant engagement and consistent flex are second to none. They are easy enough to get into (for a tech binding) too. I also really appreciate that it is the same mounting pattern as their other bindings since I mount with inserts I have been able to move them around and use them on skis I had previously mounted with an Outlaw or Axl. For touring, the tech toe experience is amazing! Tempted by the tech toe experience, I dabbled in the darkside of fixed heel skiing in 2016 but the Lynx has me seeing the light of the free heel again. I also like the double heal risers, they work great! All in all, after 30+ days on them I've been thrilled with this binding. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Colorado. on 12/28/2021
2 Stars
Claw pins delicate
Skied these for 2 seasons and had some issues with the claw pins wearing out. Pushing heavy into the toes, as you would when tele skiing, the claw would pop off and pins marred. The pins were then unusable and had to reach out for warranty fix. I hope they can make the pins replaceable in the future because pushing too hard into the toe leads to worn down pins and a broken binding. Love teh lightweight binding, but still has some bugs to work out. Note from 22D: We've seen this happen on rare occasions. We replaced this customer's single toepiece under warranty and it seems that he's been satisfied since.
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Reviewed by:  from Wasatch Mountains. on 4/21/2022
5 Stars
Lynx 20/21 binding
I have approximately 30 days on my Lynx / Voile Manti 181 / TX Pro setup. Initially planned on using this set up for uphil resort laps and Backcountry day trips here in Southern VT. Vice has been my longstanding binding for resort skiing. And Voile SB /Ultravector for BC. Scarpa T1s/T2’s respectively. Slowly , I started using my Lynx/Manti set up more and more for both in and out of bounds and it is now my goto almost exclusively. It just works so well for me all around. After experimenting a bit, I have settled on using the most neutral forward slick pin position with a power spacer on each spring. For me it is perfect, instant engagement off the deck, smooooooth and linear , amazing edge grip and awesome touring. I tend to tele low and I can get as low as I did on my Vice. Anyway, I still can’t believe how well the Lynx performs for me in bounds and out being so lightweight and all. I ski predominantly in VT with classic New England variable conditions , hard pack , ice , powder , you name it . The Lynx combo with the 181CM Manti and Scarpa TX Pros is a set up made in heaven for me! . So far amazingly durable as well.
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Reviewed by:  from VT. on 2/3/2022


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