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Weston Deutschlander

Even if you don't recognize his name, you've probably seen Weston in a ski magazine, movie, or just ripping by you in the Wasatch. He brings his infectious energy to the hill every day, whether it's for a shoot or working with the kids of the Park City Tele Tribe. Check out his blog: WestonD.com

Where are you from, when did you begin skiing and telemarking, where do you ski most now?

I’m from Buffalo, NY and grew up skiing in the great town of Ellicottville at a small mountain called Holimont. I began telemarking at the age of 14, right after my dad taught me the turn on cross country gear on a sledding hill in Buffalo. Now I spend my winters in Utah skiing Big and Little Cottonwood canyons as well as The Canyons in Park City.

Weston Deutschlander

What are your favorite boots and skis?

My favorite boot is the Scarpa T-Race, the ONLY boot to ski. My favorite skis are the ones that are under my feet. Whether it is park skis or pow skis, fat or narrow, old or new, if I’m gliding on snow I’m stoked!

What do you like about our bindings?

Simply...everything. It is what I force my students to ski on because it teaches them the correct technique, it is the only thing I let my Parents ski on because it makes everyones skiing that much better. And for me I have never once broken a pair of HammerHead in a decade of using them and the Axl’s put me on top of the mountains as fast as anything else but give me more power than any other binding out there.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not skiing?

I am a year round bum. If I am not skiing then I am surfing, thinking about surfing or working so that I can go surf.

Weston Deutschlander

Accomplishments, awards, and sponsors

Other sponsors include Scarpa, The Canyons and WebITdesigns. Appearances in the Free Heel Life 1 and 2 by Josh Madsen, only telemark competitor in the World Heli Challenge 2009, various published shots. Biggest accomplishment is traveling the world, meeting amazing people and seeing breathtaking sights

Photos: Ross Downard