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Sondre Loftsgarden

Where are you from, when did you begin skiing and telemarking, and where do you ski most now?

I’m from Rauland up north in Telemark, Norway, where I grew up in a telemarkskiing family. I’ve been skiing since I was 2 years old, and telemarking since 2000. Recently I moved to Sogndal, a small village by a fjord on the north-west coast, surrounded by glaciers and steep alpine terrain. I look forward to get to know these mountains.

What are your favorite boots and skis?

My favorite boots and skis are the Scarpa T-1 and Stereo Skis Impact 186. It’s a solid and great combo.

What do you like about our bindings?

What I like best about the bindings is their solidness and their ability to ride out anything. They have a solid metal toepiece, which keeps the boot completely locked, making precise contact with the ski and preventing any tearing on the boot. And I like the possibility to set the binding in stiff mode in heavy terrain and to soften it up if preferred for transport and any soft days. I got the HammerHead when I was twelve, and I’ve been using them for years. Now I’m using the Vice, and I am very satisfied with it, and I’m excited to start using the Axl for hiking days.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not skiing?

I like to climb, hike, hunt, fish, read and do carpentry. I also like to tele-squat, long story, ask me when you see me.

Sondre Loftsgarden
Sondre Loftsgarden

Accomplishments, awards, and sponsors

1st place, Norway Freeride Cup 2014
2nd place, Norway Freeride Cup 2013
Published in Fri Flyt Magazine no.106

I'm sponsored by Stereo Skis.

Sondre Loftsgarden