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Paul Kimbrough

Paul is a super strong skier who has burst onto the freeheel scene in the last couple of years. Keep your eyes on him this winter. It may help to look up.

Where are you from, when did you begin skiing and telemarking, where do you ski most now?

I was born in Salt Lake City, but I usually tell people that Im from Utah and Wyoming because I grew up spending my summers in Grand Teton National Park. I began skiing at age two when my parents put me in a harness, strapped skis to my feet, and lowered me down the neighborhood sledding slope in Sugarhouse park, SLC.

Telemarking took hold of me as a freshmen in college at Western Washington University while skiing Mt. Baker, but I spent my first full season freeheel working as a dishwasher at the Alta Lodge in 2006-2007.

Paul kimbrough

These days I spend most of my freeskiing time at Mt. Baker.

What are your favorite boots and skis?

My favorite boots are Scarpa T-1s if Im touring, T-Races if it is a resort day. My favorite ski is the Moment Josh Bibby, or the Moment Night Train.

What do you like about our bindings?

I love the way the ski. They feel solid, powerful, and predictable. I like the 6-hole mounting, the stiff springs, the climbing bars, the adjustment pins, the solid metal housing, and the tour mode of the Axl.

I love that the best telemark bindings in the world are made by two irie fellows out of a garage in a tinny town in eastern Idaho.

What do you like to do for fun when you're not skiing?

I climb, backpack, flyfish, slackline, play chess, cook, and dream about skiing.

Paul kimbrough

Accomplishments, awards, and sponsors

Featured in Powderwhore Productions 2009 film, Flakes
Sickbird award, World Telemark Championships, Alyeska Alaska 2009
3rd place, World Telemark Championships, Alyeska Alaska 2009
3rd place, Sierra Nevada Telemark Championships, Alpine Meadows 2009
13th place, U.S. Telemark Extremes, Crested Butte 2008
33rd place, Canadian Open, Red Mtn. 2008
Member of first ski decent of the west face of Mt. Shuksan, April 2008
Member of first winter ski traverse of the Twin Sisters range of the North Cascades, winter 2006
American Avalanche Institute Level 2 snow safety certification

Other Sponsors

Flylow Gear, Moment Skis

Photos: Alec Sandberg, Ryan Carter, and Mike Morse