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Drew Nylen

Where are you from, when did you begin skiing and telemarking, where do you ski most now?

From the interior of British Columbia, but learned to ski in the Canadian Rockies. Picked up a used pair of telemark gear at 20 years old.

A lot has changed since then, I left the Rockies, worked at a few backcountry lodges, guided in Japan, and started working in the Canadian arctic, doing ski expeditions on Baffin Island where I have a handful of first descents (50-100). I also work as an avalanche technician for Avalanche Canada in the Yukon. I ski all around the north, The Whitepass, Haines Pass, Juneau Icefield, Kluane, the Arctic Cordillera and am always looking for the next far off peak!

What do you love about telemarking?

Telemarking for me is about the way you can move. It's practical, it encourages movement over complacency and helps you adapt to changing conditions. I love skiing hill laps, unnamed peaks, big mountains and storm skiing. It's an art as much as it is a sport.

What do you like about our bindings?

The Lynx is a burly, lightweight, step in, simple and fun-to-ski binding. Its design and interchangeable parts means you could do repairs in the field if needed.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not skiing?

In the summers, I run a fair bit, climbing, biking, flyfishing. I head up to the High Arctic in the summers as well where I guide for Weber Arctic.

List your accomplishments, competition results, awards, other sponsors, etc.

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Drew Nylen
Drew Nylen
Drew Nylen