\ HH Main Spring

HH Main Spring

Replacing the Main Spring on the HammerHead or BombShell

1. Unmount the binding using a #3 Pozi-drive screwdriver or bit in an impact driver.  If the bindings were mounted with epoxy, you'll need to heat up the epoxy with downward force and a backwards drill bit spinning at high speed in the center of each screw head.  This will break the epoxy bonds.

2. Remove the spring from the bottom of the shim.  Put a large screwdriver into the spring and hit it on a solid surface to push the orange anchor and cable forward out of the spring.

3. Install the new spring into the head, and rotate it until it is tight with the head.

4. Insert the orange anchor, and pull the cable tight.

5. Insert the spring into the shim, and rotate it until it's tight to the back of the shim.

6. Remount the binding.