\ 2018-19 Lynx Tech Bulletin

2018-19 Lynx Tech Bulletin

Hello Lynx skiers,

We have found several issues with the Lynx that can lead to breakage or release, but can be dealt with easily.

Flex plates:
We have seen one Flex Plate (Large) break when skied in position 1. We now recommend skiing only in positions 2 or 3, the further back positions.

We've seen a few Large bindings where the Cable length was slightly too long, preventing the Claw from engaging the boot's second heel. If this is the case, you may need to install one or two of the Power Spacers. It's also possible that low skiers may experience a Spring set, causing a need to add a Spacer to keep the Claw snappy.

Boot inserts:
It's very important to clean out your boot's tech inserts by following this snow removal process: Lock the Claw into tour mode, step into the toe, then lock the Tech Arms and slide your ski back and forth 4-5 times to clean out any snow. If you have trouble getting the lock to the first click, or barely to the second, you still have snow in the inserts. Keep rotating your boot until you can engage the lock to the 3rd or 4th click. Then raise the claw into ski mode and unlock the front to ski down.

Boot trimming:
Newer NTN boots have plastic protruding above the tech inserts that prevents the blue tech arms from closing properly. Most older boots have this plastic worn away. If your boots have interference with the arms, you'll need to trim this excess plastic from above the inserts with a sharp knife. Please see the photos below of before and after trimming.

Arm Hinge Pins:
Keep an eye on the pins that the tech arms pivot on. We have seen several reports of a pin migrating backwards into the ski crampon mount area. If you have this problem, please contact us. You can also tap the pin forward for a temporary fix.

Cable housing:
For skiers who ski very low, it's possible for the clear Cable housing to become worn and/or bunched up, which can cause the Lynx to prerelease. Please watch for this. Check the housing by removing the Flex and Main Plates, and visually inspect the top of the clear Cable housing through the spring. If you see damage to the housing, contact 22 Designs for a replacement Cable. The Cable housing can also be stripped off completely, and the binding can be used with the bare cable until a replacement is received. To do this, remove the Cable Spacers, Top Hats and Springs, and strip the housing using a sharp knife.

Thanks for your patience with us on this initial release of the Lynx,